i have never written a review of a doctor, or for that matter, any review at all. why dr. kohan you might ask? because, from beginning to end he and his staff were outstanding. my first appointment was an evaluation, and thorough testing. after surgery was deemed to be the proper course of action, a date was set up for within a weeks time. the surgery was done at the ny eye and ear infirmary, and went smooth as a gravy sandwich. at this point, i would like to mention that the folks at the ny eye and ear infirmary were top notch, from beginning to end. post op was like a dream come true. bottom line: i am so very grateful to have been directed to dr. kohan and his staff for their caring, and professionalism.  would i recommend dr. kohan? yes, in a heart beat. v. kerpel  please note that this review has some how been  attached to the name sarah l. this is a yelp glitch, as it is written by me, v. kerpel