Loren M

Wonderful doctor, very caring doctor. Office staff also very caring and helpful


Highly recommend without hesitation, for Dr. Kohan and his entire team. Given all that one can be unsettled by as a patient with new ear/hearing conditions, I appreciate their quality of care.

Tom G

My son had a traumatic injury to his ear which perforated almost his entire eardrum and dislocated one of the small bones of his inner ear. His hearing loss was severe. Dr. Kohan is a miracle worker!! He reconstructed his ear and now, 6 weeks after surgery, his...

Sérgio Pereira G

My Daughter Julia had her fourth surgery in seven years. The three Firsts Was not successful. Only The last With doctor Kohan Was Well done. He and his Staff did an amazing job. Thank God, We find him and thanks to our friend Alexandre Maia that made a good referral...

Robyn C

Dr. Kohan was, by far, one of the warmest, empathic and sensitive physicians that I have ever seen. He took the the time to answer all of my questions and reassure me about the course of treatment. I wish the majority of drs that I have seen were of this...