Ingrid D.C.

I highly recommend Dr Darius Kohan. He is a brilliant, truly compassionate, dedicated, and patient surgeon. I saw Dr Kohan for the treatment of my severe Ménière’s disease. Dr Kohan truly listened to all of my questions and concerns as we discussed the potential...

Lois T

Dr. Kohan is top in his field. Three other ENT physicians could the whole I had in my eardrum that I knew was there. He repaired it with absolute expertise. I work in the medical field and grateful I was referred to him by medical colleagues

Douglas C

As a physician myself, I can attest that Dr. Kohan is very knowledgeable, well respected among his peers. More importantly, Dr. Kohan is calm, reassuring, professional, and sympathetic when serving his patients.

Eugenia D

Accurate examination, very experience and detailed Doctor, expertise in his field ! My husband suffers from Left facial Swannoma, mennieres disease and vestibular migraines and Dr. Kohan gave him the right treatment!

Jessica P

Amazing provider!!!, I am beyond blessed to be able to hear thanks to Dr. Kohan! With all of my infections and damage to my ears, I should be hearing much worse than I am, but thanks to Dr. Kohan, I am lucky enough to still have great hearing!!! I highly, highly...