Dr. Darius Kohan was recently interviewed for an article by NYMag.com He’s quoted as saying:

Headphones for KidsIf you do buy volume-limiting headphones, know that they can be jerry-rigged by any smart kid to exceed the 85-decibel volume limit, and sometimes poor technology means these surpass 85 decibels anyway, even when they state otherwise, so supervision is key. We spoke with Darius Kohan, director of otology/neurotology at Lenox Hill Hospital, who recommends headphones that make it harder to circumvent volume limitations. Below, the eight best kid-friendly versions.

Puro Sound Labs’ BT2200 came up more than once in my exploration as the best set of headphones for kids, and Kohan says it checks off a lot of boxes: Its volume limiter works whether you’re going wireless or using a USB Cord (and has been tested to restrict volume in both formats), has a resilient aluminum frame, and is noise-cancelling and comfortable. It’s pricier than the rest of the ones on this list, but the steeper price point might be worth it for the added safety features.

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