Dr. Kohan is very professional and answers every question and concerns one might have.  I found him online, as I noticed significant hearing loss in one ear over the past few months – turned out I had an outer ear infection but unusually (apparently) no pain associated with it.  Dr. Kohan was very thorough in examining my neck, nose, ears etc.  Then, his colleague Dr. Vazquez checked my hearing and explained every test.  Turns out I have some hearing loss due to a hereditary condition – but Dr. Kohan had read my chart and patient form well and acknowledged that given my job and lifestyle, that I didn’t need a hearing aid at this stage – which is my round about way of saying that there is no unnecessary upsell here.   I wish all Dr. Office experiences were as seamless as this.  Oh yeah, and if you go to see him, the office is through the lobby entrance on the north side of East 77th St (no exterior signage).