Jo-Ellen L

Dr. Kohan has been treating me for pain in my ears when I fly. He was the only doctor who was able to help me. He is an excellent, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor and has helped me so much. I highly recommend him.

Ingrid D.C.

I highly recommend Dr Darius Kohan. He is a brilliant, truly compassionate, dedicated, and patient surgeon. I saw Dr Kohan for the treatment of my severe Ménière’s disease. Dr Kohan truly listened to all of my questions and concerns as we discussed the potential...

Lois T

Dr. Kohan is top in his field. Three other ENT physicians could the whole I had in my eardrum that I knew was there. He repaired it with absolute expertise. I work in the medical field and grateful I was referred to him by medical colleagues

Eugenia D

Accurate examination, very experience and detailed Doctor, expertise in his field ! My husband suffers from Left facial Swannoma, mennieres disease and vestibular migraines and Dr. Kohan gave him the right treatment!

Jeffery S

Dr. Kohan is a consummate professional. He is clearly at the top of this field. It was my honor to be treated by him. He was exceptionally caring and empathetic to my problem. He did everything in his power to help me. His suggestions were all based on the latest...