95-Year- Old Patient To Receive Cochlear Implant

Man Is Believed To Be Oldest Cochlear Implant Patient in New York State

The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary

cochlear implant surgery(New York. NY) – Mr. M of Westchester County had long learned to cope with the profound hearing loss in his left ear, but when he suddenly lost hearing in his right, the 95-year-old immediately acted on the news he so avidly reads and went to a doctor from The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary to pursue therapy. Conservative treatment was unable to restore his hearing thus he decided on cochlear implant surgery.

Darius Kohan. MD, a neuro-otologist who has performed over 300 such surgeries, will do the procedure on Friday, August 30, and expects that the device will be activated in three weeks allowing Mr. M to once again hear the voices of his children and grandchildren.

“While he is the oldest patient In New York State to receive a cochlear implant, he is happy to be treated like anybody else” said Dr. Kohan. “He will have the same state-of·the-art, quality implant as a baby. This is a great example of how the healthy elderly can and should have the best of care and quality of life at any age.”

From keeping up with the news. Mr. M knew that hearing loss in older adults can take a toll on physical health and mental functioning. After medical Intervention failed to restore his hearing. he quickly became hungry for communication and worried about the consequences.

“I am concerned that hearing loss can bring on senility,” he said, and “there is still too much I want to do with family and friends.”

darius kohan md cochlear implant copyFamily members currently carry a large laptop to write him messages. The implant will be done on an ambulatory (same day) surgery basis, with the actual operation taking about an hour. Hearing restoration with a cochlear implant is covered by Medicare.

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