As an athlete, Terrell Davis couldn’t hear his teammates or his coach. This young man from Harlem was born deaf –with ears that never fully formed or worked. A month ago, 2 surgeons at Lenox Hill Hospital corrected the bones in his face, rebuilt his left ear and implanted a new device– called the “baha”– a bone anchored hearing aid.

Dr. Darius Kohan is the director of otology at Lenox Hill Hospital and explained that the magnet in the hearing aid vibrates the inner ear.

They performed the operation for free through the Little Baby Face foundation— helping children abroad and here at home.

Dr. Thomas Romo, director of facial plastics and reconstructive surgery at Lenox Hill said:

“There are children in this city who have birth defects that go untreated…he’s such a wonderful young man we hope this affects his future employment and life in a positive way.”

Since the device was activated, Terrell says he can now watch TV and video chat with his friends

“I can communicate with people I can hear everything.”

And with the help of a bluetooth transmitter– he can hear music for the first time

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