Here’s the Reason You Hear Only ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’

Dr. Darius Kohan was recently interviewed for an article by He’s quoted as saying: But experts say our senses are not nearly so infallible. In fact, these instances instead highlight how subjective our own faculties can be. “The way we interpret sound is very, very individual,” Dr. Darius Kohan, director of otology/neurotology at Lenox […]

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Dr. Kohan to be Inducted to Children Hearing Institute Medical & Educational Advisory Board

The Children’s Hearing Institute is pleased to announce our Benefit Cocktail Reception on Thursday, May 10th in the Delegates Dining Room at the United Nations. This exclusive event will commemorate CHI’s 35th Year and launch our exciting new campaign: #HearInNewYork. Members of the new Advisory Board will: 1) act as ambassadors of CHI and its […]

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Drinking May Worsen Hearing Loss at Loud Concerts

Dr. Darius Kohan was interviewed for an article in In the article he is quoted as saying: THURSDAY, April 19, 2018 — High-decibel music blasting at big concert venues is a known cause of short-term hearing loss. But new research suggests drinking doesn’t help matters, with drunk concertgoers actually moving closer to loudspeakers. Dr. Darius […]

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Patients’ Hearing Loss May Mean Poorer Medical Care

Many seniors may not hear everything their doctors tell them, new research suggests, and that could raise the risk of medical errors. “In our study of 100 patients 60 and older, 43 reported mishearing a doctor or nurse in an inpatient or community health care setting, lending vulnerability to unintended error,” said researcher Simon Smith, […]

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Hearing Loss Rates Holding Steady for U.S. Teens

There’s good and bad news from a new study on the noise blasted in American teenagers’ ears — more kids are listening to music via earphones than ever before, but rates of hearing loss have not increased. Still, “the overall take-home message … is that not only are the elderly at danger of significant hearing […]

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