Dangers Associated With Repeated Wireless Headphone Use

Dr. Kohan was interviewed by CBS New York on the dangers associated with repeated wireless headphone use.

He is quoted saying:

“The ear is not really meant to be constantly clogged,” said Dr. Darius Kohan, “It’s not a natural condition for the ear to have hours of things sticking in it.”

Kohan said using earbuds for hours on end can irritate sensitive skin, obstruct the ear canal, and create a build-up of wax. As a result, many people can develop painful infections.

“They’re putting in an earbud over here, they’re pushing against this to hear better,” Kohan said. “By irritating the skin, by having something constantly against it for hours on end and pushing the wax deeper in the canal, you’re constantly irritating the ear.”

Kohan didn’t offer any specific time limits to earbud use, just to use your judgment.

“As soon as you get any discomfort, if you’ve been using it for a long time, take them out. If it doesn’t go away quickly, see your doctor,” he said.

And while keeping both your skin and earbuds clean is crucial, he said the only real surefire way to prevent an infection is to use headphones that go over your ears.

Kohan said children are at greater risk, because their ear canals are naturally narrower and smaller and more likely to get infections.

Read the full article on CBS New York.

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